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Quarter's Calabar School of Philosophy lecture series

This is announcing this Quarter's Calabar School of Philosophy lecture series which will be given by Dr. Mesembe I. Edet of the Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar. Dr. Edet has been duly "elected" in accordance with the traditions of the CSP to present a lecture entitled "Afroxiology, Conceptual Mandelanization and the Conversational Order in the New Era of African Philosophy" at the next CSP Quarterly Academic Lecture Series.

This lecture is a fruit of his on-going research in the theory of Afroxiology. This lecture has been scheduled for Friday 28th August, 2015 by 12 noon prompt. The lecture will take place at Room 20, ground floor of the Graduate School, University of Calabar.

Please be informed that the opportunity to give one of the CSP's Scholarly Lecture Series is an honour granted ONLY to deserving scholars in any area of African thought. The submitted lecture has been emailed to members who will honour him by presenting their incisive comments (700 words Max, typewritten and submitted to secretariat at least 24 hrs before the lecture through: csp.info@unical.edu.ng) on his thoughts after the lecture.

Members who are not in Calabar or who may not be able to attend in person can have their critical comments presented by someone they elect and which they would communicate the secretariat in writing. It is part of the CSP's mandate to publish a reviewed version of each lecture in our monograph series together with the critical comments by members. Note however, that ONLY registered members are qualified to present critical comments but the event is open to scholars and members of the public.

Those wishing to attend the event from outside Calabar and who would need help with accommodation and local transportation arrangements may contact secretariat for assistance at: csp.info@unical.edu.ng

The Calabar School of Philosophy is:

  • A forum for free and original thinkers in all areas of African thought
  • A forum for serious scholarly engagements
  • A forum that upholds non-veneration of authorities

Want to join? Please visit:http://csp.unical.edu.ng/pages/membership

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