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ISSN: 2276-8386 (PRINT)

EISSN: 2408-5987 (ONLINE)

Visit: Filosofia Theoretica: African Journal of Philosophy, Culture and Religions

Welcome to Filosofia Theoretica: Journal of African Philosophy, Culture and Religions now adopted and published by the Calabar School of Philosophy (CSP).

Note to Contributors:

General Information: Filosofia Theoretica Journal of African Philosophy, Culture and Religions is dedicated to the publication of astute academic research in African Philosophy, Culture, History, Art, Literature, Science, Education and Religions, etc.

The articles submitted to Filosofia Theoretica must be presented in defensive style i.e. defending or promoting some theses and review of books are also covered within the standard range of this journal. The journal has a vision to put Africa and African intellectuals on the global map. However, this does not imply that non-Africans cannot submit articles for consideration insofar as the title fall within the focus of the journal.

Submission Requirements: All manuscripts must be original (hence, not under consideration anywhere) and submitted to the editor in MS word format via e-mail: filosofiatheoretica@unical.edu.ng or filosofiatheoretica@gmail.com.

The entire work can range from 2000 to 6000 words maximum excluding citations with a concise title and a 150 word abstract. Authors are not to place page numbers or paper title (on each page) on the manuscript; we no longer accept endnotes and footnotes. Articles (or parts of articles) in languages other than English will no longer be considered. All submissions must list the author's current affiliation and contact points (location, e-mail address, etc.).

In regards to style the Calabar School of Philosophy Documentation Style (download a copy here CSP STYLE Guide) is the only acceptable reference style. Camera ready manuscripts will receive first preference in the publishing cycle. Any manuscript not well proof read will not be considered. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed and those considered acceptable by the editors will be published after recommended corrections free of any charges as quality and originality are the ONLY conditions for publication in this journal.

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Ethical and Professional Policy:

Filosofia Theoretica maintains standard ethical and professional codes in academic publishing. It stands against all forms of research misconduct such as plagiarism, self-plagiarism, citation manipulation and data falsification/fabrication, etc.

The management of Filosofia Theoretica would investigate any complaints and take appropriate action against any author or article found wanting. In line with this, Filosofia Theoretica now requires its contributors to sign professional standard agreement before publication of an article in addition to other steps that are taken to forestall any form of misconduct.


Filosofia Theoretica has strived to maintain a no publication fee policy for most of its issues. It has relied on the funding of its publisher, the Calabar School of Philosophy (CSP). In some cases, it has had to collect mailing fees for posting complimentary copies to contributors.

Beginning from the last quarter of 2015, when funding from the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) is expected to be available, management aims to eliminate the mailing charges for contributor complimentary copies.


Contributors should note that any acknowledgements (of funders, technical research assistance, peer review/suggestions, among others) should appear first at the end of their article prior to their Declaration of Conflicting Interests (if applicable), and their Relevant Literature. In addition, contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship should be listed in an 'Acknowledgements' section.

Examples of those who might be acknowledged include a person who provided purely technical help, writing assistance, or a department head who provided general support. Authors should disclose whether they had any writing assistance and identify the entity that paid for this assistance.

Declaration of conflicting interests:

Within the author professional standard agreement, contributors will be required to make a certification with respect to a declaration of conflicting interests with the editor and reviewers.

Our peer review system is double blind. Authors who do not have confidence in our editorial and review staff need not to aspire to publish with us. Filosofia Theoretica has no interest in pursuing long drawn battles and conspiracy theories.

Copyright and Permissions:

Contributors are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright holders for reproducing any illustrations, tables, figures or lengthy indented quotations previously published elsewhere of 140 words and above and declare same in the author professional standard agreement form.

Failure to obtain such permission or declare such will be investigated and addressed even after publication once discovered. Similarly, the copyright of all articles published by Filosofia Theoretica remain vested in the journal and any use of same in any form beyond standard academic citations MUST be approved by the publisher.

Matters relating to licensing, copyright and permissions should be sent to the editor through email to: filosofiatheoretica@unical.edu.ng


The aim of founding FILOSOFIA THEORETICA is to make it a world class academic journal with a global brand that would thrive on standard, quality and ingenuity. It is published twice a year with maximum of ten (10) articles including book review on each volume.

Review Process

Generally, Editors should be able to reach a decision including recommending corrections if any or acceptance of any paper within three months of receipt which is communicated to the author subsequently.

Authors are therefore advised to avoid needless correspondences. Also, Editors are not committed to the views expressed in articles. Contributors may receive one copy of the journal free of charge but additional copies may be obtained at the normal price. Copyright to articles published in the journal shall remain vested with the journal. All correspondences including subscription, copyright and sponsorship to the Editor via: filosofiatheoretica@gmail.com.

Important notice

Filosofia Theoretica Journal of African Philosophy, Culture and Religions Previously published by Graduate Research Unit (GRU) and Congress on African Philosophy and Religions (CAPAR) Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar, Nigeria and edited originally by Prof. G.O. Ozumba, is now published by the Calabar School of Philosophy (CSP)

as its official journal and edited by Dr. Jonathan Okeke Chimakonam. The site is also moving from www.platojournal.com and www.africanphilcongress.com to www.csp.unical.edu.ng. The editorial board has also been shuffled to make way for improved service. Every other thing about the journal remains the same. Thanks------Editor

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